Societal Contribution of Institute Being At Holy Place

Institutional distinctiveness of SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering stands out in efforts for holistic development of students towards community services and cause of academics enhanced with humanity, ethics and social sensitivity amongst youth. SKNSCOE is providing quality based technical education and upgrade skills of rural background students. Our Institute is located at holy place Pandharpur, popularly known as "Dakshin Kashi" of India and also considered as "Spiritual Capital" of Maharashtra. At Pandharpur lakhs of devotees visits Lord Vitthal Rukminee temple which is sacred place of “Varkari sampradaya” having history of Philosopher Saint Dnyaneshwar and Saint Tukaram.

  • At Pandharpur pilgrims stays for “Ashadhi & Kartiki Ekadashi” which is celebrated like national festival. Our Institute is having leading role to provide basic facilities to the needy pilgrims and also introduces students to different cultures and religions through various learnings. Every year, our Institute provides primary aid medicines, Aqua water bottles to the needy pilgrims. Students of our institute take active part to provide hygienic sanitation facilities during Wari.
  • During “Ashadhi and kartiki wari” lacks of pilgrims arrived at Pandharpur to take Lord Vitthal Darshan. Due to more crowd, Pilgrims are waiting for minimum 24 hours in a queue for darshan. Faculty member of our Institute had done research work on delightful Darshan process and waiting time reduction by implementing Industrial engineering technique and also designed and fabricated a platform for easy Vitthal Darshan.
  • During Darshan pilgrims offer flowers to lord Vitthal. The flower waste generated from the Vithoba Temple at Pandharpur was used for Biogas generation. Faculty member of our Institute has carried out research work on Biogas Energy generation from Temple (Flower) Waste. Using different techniques like novel alkaline pre-treatment, solar heating of the digester and co-digestion with food waste give enhanced biogas production from floral waste.
  • Students of Institute are supporting to Food and Drug Administration Dept. Govt.of Maharashtra in checking quality of food inspection in various general stores during Ashadi wari at pandharpur.
  • Every year students are promoting awareness among Warakaris to use natural leaf plates and drons instead of plastic and thermocol plates which are polluting and harmful to human health.
  • Students of Computer science & engineering department have developed “Pandharichi Wari” mobile app to guide the pilgrims at Pandharpur city ( This app provides useful information to the pilgrims about stay arrangement, location of drinking water facility, Palkhi location and medical facility etc. This app is also helpful for executing activity planned for crowd management of pilgrims by Pandharpur Nagapalika administration. CPM_PERT chart tool is included in this app so that every sections of Nagarpalika administration can be understood their Proper working time frame and responsibility.
  • In Pandharpur lakhs of Pilgrims are coming during Wari Days who have faith, if they do “Snaan” in Chandrabhaga, will be blessed by God. On the other hand, waste water from surrounding industries and drainage of Pandharpur city is disposed into the river illegally. Because of this issues, the water of Chandrabhaga is polluted. This will create adverse effect on health of pilgrims. In this regard Our Institute has proposed research work on Design of IoT Based Water quality Analyzer for Chandrabhaga River at ghat Locations in Pandharpur. To carry out this work Solapur University has issued grant of Rs.80,000-/ under seed money proposal. IoT based kits can be placed at different locations of chnadrbhaga ghats which will continuously monitor the water quality and send its message to pollution control office as well as it will be displayed at Ghat locations, to inform the pilgrims about the water quality.
  • Namami Chandrabhaga, a comprehensive development plan for river cleaning on the lines of Namami Gange, a pet project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Government of Maharashtra has taken up the challenge of restoring the golden glory of river Chandrabhaga. The one day brainstorming workshop with all stakeholders under program of “Mission Namami Chandrabhaga” conducted at our Institute which was inaugurated by Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, former chief minister of Maharashtra.
  • Over the decades, Chandrabhaga, a sacred river, which is untouchable to lakhs of pilgrims who made crowd at Pandharpur to worship Lord Vitthal which has been in a state of neglect. Industrial and domestic effluents have badly polluted the river. Faculty members and volunteers have organised river cleanliness drive for this project at Chnadrabhaga River.
  • Students of our Institute have started to make use of “Wari” for mass communication. Awareness programs are arranged during “WARI” about disaster management, health issues being communicated through traditional Marathi folk songs and music performances at various locations when pilgrims stay for rest on their way for Vitthal Darshan.
  • Police Mitra is an Initiative by Maharashtra police to make police administration more friendly. During Wari period, due to huge crowd of pilgrims at Pandharpur place crowd management is an issue. The police mitra assist the police for crowd management, law and order assistance etc. Students of Institute have registered as “Police Mitra” and were involved to spare their time to work hand in hand with police.
  • During “Ashadhi & Kartiki Ekadashi” Government of Maharashtra deputed Police officers and security at Pandharpur place to control crowd and patrolling the pilgrims. Our Institute has provided stay arrangement facility for these officers at Institute campus free of cost.
  • The state government has earmarked 65 acres of land for creating facilities for warkari pilgrims when they meet at Pandharpur on the occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi. The land and drinking water facility is provided to warkari. The department of civil engineering has offered consultancy and services for testing soil bearing capacity of 65 acres land. In addition to this department carry stability analysis of water tank facility provided at 65 acres land.
  • In the structural development of Vitthal Rukmini temple, faculty member of our Institute was appointed as an Expert for architecture recruitment process by Vitthal Rukmini Mandir Samiti.
  • The students of our Institute have developed many agriculture based projects such as Agricultural sprayer, Fertilizer spreading device, crop cutting machine etc. which are useful to nearby farmers.